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Fox Granny Flats ‘Starting Price $70k’

Pricing is based on the standard inclusions and design of the 6m x 4m Arezzo when it is built in the Perth Metro Build Region. The cost includes an estimate of typical site costs but excludes façade upgrades, fees from any service providers, additional site-specific engineering, Cyclone and/or coastal upgrades, BAL reports and any resulting upgrade requirements, Window furnishings, LPG bottles and brackets. A base allowance for connections has been included to the $70k, however, the final cost may vary depending on the site and respective shire requirements which will be determined after a site visit. Fox Transportables Pty Ltd reserves the right to end or alter these costs at any time. Fox Transportables Pty Ltd reserves the right to substitute similar products to those referred to in this cost should an item not be available. Offer is subject to all sales documentation being received and signed off by the client within 14 days of an initial deposit. All floor plans, façade images and photographs have been used for illustrative purposes only and may not represent the final product shown. Upgraded floor plan options, textures and fittings may also be shown. Speak to a Fox representative for more information or clarification.



Build times reflect the time required to manufacture the selected design in our facility. The 1-3 week time frame is based on a Panel Build and is subject to the availability of trades and materials. Additional time will be required to obtain all relevant statutory approvals, which are determined on a site by site basis. The build time does not reflect a contractual obligation on Fox Granny Flats, it’s intended to provide a guide to manufacturing time frames only.

Installation time frames will vary and are subject to site specific requirements. A 1 week time frame has been provided as a guide only and reflects the time to deliver the design to site and connect basic services on Perth metropolitan jobs only. It excludes the time taken to complete any additional on-site ancillary works.



All images are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent the final product as shown and should be used as a guide only. Some images include examples of upgraded items (available for additional costs), and other items not supplied by Fox Granny Flats (e.g. furniture, landscaping)  All information shown on is owned by Fox Granny Flats and is subject to the Copyright Act 1968. The materials used on should not be reproduced wholly or in part without the express written permission of Fox Granny Flats. While every effort is made to provide accurate information, Fox Granny Flats does not warrant that is free from errors or omissions, and does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or cost associated. Fox Granny Flats reserves the right to change a product that of a similar comparable specification or colour should a product not be available.



Fox Granny Flats does not provide credit services or financial advice. Should you need assistance with finance, we can refer you to one of our preferred finance partners. Fox Granny Flats does not receive commission payments from referrals to any of these companies or organisations.



All quotes are valid for 7 calendar* days from the date the quote was issued.

*Quotes produced within the last 7 calendar days of the month are valid for until the end of the month.

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