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Relocatable Granny Flats For Sale

Portable Granny Flats for Sale in Perth, WA

At Fox Granny Flats, all our buildings are constructed right here in our Perth factory. Because we understand that sometimes in life things happen and plans change, we’ve designed a range of transportable granny flats, so if your circumstances change – maybe your house is now for sale or you’re relocating your business, the kids have grown up and moved out, whatever it may be – your granny flat can conveniently travel with you anywhere around Perth or WA.

It doesn’t matter if they are for temporary or permanent use – all our granny flats are energy efficient, and are designed with spacious living areas in mind, allowing you to enjoy the open-plan living spaces of our transportable granny flats. All our portable granny flats for sale in Perth are customised to meet your needs and requirements. Not only does this make moving easier for you, but it’s also a cost-effective option for your family. On the day of installation, you can also rely on us to install your granny flat on-site in as little as 2 days!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Portable Granny Flats for Sale

What is a transportable granny flat?

A transportable granny flat is a self-contained home extension, which has been built on the same land where the main home is. Essentially, a portable granny flat is another smaller home on your existing property. Typically, the granny flat is located at the back of the main home, toward the rear of the property, and it can share the backyard with the main existing home or have its own separate section of the yard fenced off. A granny flat is usually no more than 70 sqm, however, the size of your granny flat will be dictated by your local council. Click here to see our range of transportable granny flats.

Can I remove or relocate my granny flat?

Yes, you can remove or relocate your granny flat! All our portable granny flats for sale are relocatable, so they can be moved when you decide to sell on. View our range of transportable granny flats here.

Do you do free site visits?

Yes, we offer free site visits. However, it’s recommended you come into our Perth showroom first to speak with one of our experienced granny flat design consultants. From here, we’ll be able to understand your needs and wants more easily, before the site visit occurs.

How much does a Fox granny flat cost?

All of our transportable granny flats differ in price. This is dependent on the size of the granny flat you’re interested in, as well as the inclusions and location of transportation. If you would like any further information on pricing, please contact our Perth office on (08) 6117 5719. Alternatively, please send an email to

What is the process of engaging with Fox Granny Flats?

The process of engaging with Fox Granny Flats is simple. After you select your design and receive your quote, we’ll arrange a site visit if required. Our team will contact your local council or shire on your behalf, plus we’ll manage all the paperwork to ensure the local regulations have been met. Once the construction of your portable granny flat is complete, we will transport it to site, position the granny flat and connect the power. All that’s left for you to do is move in!

For more information about our cost-effective, portable granny flats for sale, contact us today on (08) 6117 5719, or send us an enquiry below

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