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Q. Do you do free site visits?
A. Yes, we do free site visits, but we encourage you to come into our showroom first to speak to one of our design consultants. This way, we can understand your needs better before the site visit occurs.
Q. What is a transportable granny flat?
A. A granny flat can be defined as a fully self-contained home extension that is built on the same plot of land that the main home is. Essentially, it is another smaller home on your property. Usually, the granny flat is located to the rear of the main home, and it can share the backyard with the main home or have its own section of the yard fenced off. Local councils will dictate what the maximum size of a granny flat can be (usually no more than 70 square metres). Click here to view our transportable granny flats.
Q. Am I able to customise a design?
A. At Fox Granny Flats, we encourage you to custom design your building. This way, you are getting exactly what you want. We also have a range of our own designs that you can choose from.
Q. Will my home meet the new energy efficiency laws?
A. All Fox Granny Flats comply with the required energy efficiency standards.
Q. I'm ready to start the process. What documentation do I need?
A. Nothing! Call us now and speak to one of our team, or pop into our showroom - no appointment necessary.
Q. Do I need to gain building approval from my shire?
A. We can do this for you! Call us now and speak to one of our team, or pop into our showroom - no appointment necessary.
Q. How much does it cost to install a granny flat.
A. The average install price is between 15k -25k in the Perth metro area. This price will include all shire application and engineering fees, elevations & relevant drawings, energy reports, site works & footings, electrical & plumbing connections. This is only a guide and after we do your site visit, we can give you a firm installation price.
Q. Can you deliver anywhere?
A. We deliver our granny flats anywhere in WA - from as far north as Broome all the way down to Eucla.
Q. How much is transport from the Fox yard?
A. Transport will vary depending on the size of your granny flat. It will typically range from $400 - $700 + GST in the Perth Metro area and $4 - $7 + GST per km outside of it.
Q. Do I get a warranty with my new home?
A. You will receive a twelve-month defect period and a seven-year structural warranty.
Q. What are the benefits of building a Fox granny flat vs traditional brick and tile?
A. Fox granny flats are built off site, so there are no tradies at your property until the site works are carried out. They are constructed in a shorter time frame than traditional homes and because they are built in our factory, there are no delays with the weather or other external factors. Building a modular Fox granny flat gives you greater flexibility as they can be transported and installed practically anywhere, so if your circumstance changes you can relocate it with ease.
Q. Will my new home withstand a cyclone?
A. Let us know if you are located in a cyclonic region, and we will build your Fox Granny Flat to comply.
Q. Can I choose my exterior colours?
A. We have a range of standard colours for all our designs, or you can custom choose your colour to suit.
Q. Can I remove or relocate my granny flat?
A. Yes! Our granny flats are relocatable, so they can be moved when you decide to move or sell on. View our transportable granny flats here.
Q. Do you offer a flat pack or kit home?
A. Sorry, we do not offer this option at present.
Q. How much does a Fox granny flat cost?
A. Our granny flats vary in price, depending on the size, inclusions and location of transportation. If you would like any further information on pricing, please contact our office on (08) 6377 8335. Alternatively, please send an email to

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