Everything you need to know about council approvals for granny flats

Before you set your mind on a granny flat, it’s important to do your homework. Firstly, do you need council approval for a portable building or relocatable home? The answer is yes – but it will also depend on a few factors. We’ve covered some of the important information you need to know when building a granny flat.

What council approvals are required for a granny flat?

Different transportable building regulations and approvals apply depending on your local council. Building regulations are governed by residential Design Codes, which set out the key planning regulations for ancillary dwellings (self-contained dwellings). This includes things like floor area, minimum lot size and the amount of parking required. It’s best to contact your local council to determine whether you need council approval for your granny flat or portable building.

You may only build one granny flat on your block, and will need building approval before you begin. That’s where our Fox team comes in – we will sort out all the approvals you need, working with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) to ensure your granny flat meets all health and safety requirements and the building regulations for your council.

What documentation is required for planning approval?

The following information is a good place to start. Remember, transportable building regulations and documentation will change from council to council. However, as a general rule, you will need to provide:

  • A completed planning application form from your local council, signed by each property owner
  • A certificate of title
  • A site plan of your block, showing existing structures and lot boundaries
  • A floor plan and elevation plan of your granny flat design
  • Any other information as applicable (such as building materials)

It’s important to allow up to a few weeks for your local council to provide planning approval for your granny flat after you’ve submitted your documents.

Need help with council approvals and building regulations? Contact Fox today

At Fox, our team works closely with local councils across WA, and can help you understand what’s involved with council approvals and the paperwork required. Have a chat with our team today to see how we can help you.

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