What are ancillary dwellings? 

Typically referred to as a “granny flat,” ancillary dwellings usually have some facilities, such as a small kitchen and bathroom, that allow occupants to live independently from the main house. Ancillary dwellings have in the past been used to house family members. Still, with recent changes to the planning regulations, the Residential Design Codes have made it possible for non-family members to rent these dwellings. With current world events, more and more people have also opted to build home offices/studios in their backyard to add more space to their homes. 

Something to keep in mind is the floorspace, which generally is a maximum of 70m2; however, make sure to check this with your council as some councils can allow up to 100m2. 

There are three different types of configurations that are recognised as ancillary dwellings. The most common type we can help you with at Fox Granny Flats is the separate dwelling.

A separate dwelling is when you build a dwelling wholly detached from the main home. 

Alternatively, you could convert a section of your existing home, which would become a separate part of the house with a separate entrance, or extend your current home by building an additional room or adding a second storey if possible for your home. 

Before starting your project, it is essential to understand your local area’s planning and building requirements. Key planning regulations include minimum lot sizes, maximum floor area, and parking requirements. Your local council can also provide you with additional information that will be important to keep in mind/consider. The Residential Design Codes govern the Planning regulations. When it comes to the Building Requirements, a new ancillary dwelling will need building approval to meet the safety, health, amenity and sustainability requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The Building Commission of WA provides information on the BCA and the steps you need to take to get the plans for your ancillary dwelling certified. Should you choose to build with Fox Granny Flats, this is something that we can guide you through.

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