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We can build, deliver and install your new Granny Flat from as little as $65K. Show Me How

Matthew Waldin – General Manager at Fox Granny Flats.

Quality 1 & 2 Bedroom Relocatable Granny Flats in Perth, Western Australia

Fox Granny Flats are the leading supplier of quality, affordable granny flats to the Western Australian market. We produce the highest quality in manufacturing standards at unbeatable prices. Our granny flats for sale are prefab and modular, making them easily relocatable. We design and build customised granny flats right here in Perth and WA, meaning our products are made locally and come with a quick turnaround time.

We also have a range of 1 and 2 bedroom granny flat designs you can choose from. As Perth and WA’s preferred suppliers of granny flats, we can visit your site for free to determine the total cost of your project, as well as liaise with your local shire and relevant authorities and take care of the entire planning process for you.

This is your journey, and we make it as easy for you as possible – that’s our promise. Click Learn More below to see how we can supply you with your affordable granny flat in just three weeks.

Perth’s Granny Flat Specialist

Our Australian-made, prefab granny flats are constructed offsite in 4 weeks and installed in just 3 hours. Watch how we do it!

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Relocatable Granny Flats For Sale

Our prefab cabins and granny flats can be disconnected, picked up and relocated anywhere in WA within a matter of hours. If circumstances were to change in the future, it’s good to know that your granny flat can be removed and sold again without any fuss. View our relocatable granny flats here.

Cost Effective

By purchasing from our team at Fox Granny Flats, you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars. Our competitive prices are amongst the best in the Perth market in terms of value for money. Our efficient building processes and low labour costs are passed directly onto our customers, meaning that all our granny flats are extremely affordable, without sacrificing on quality. For our most cost-effective model, check out the Arezzo.

Statewide Service

Our team at Fox Granny Flats can install and set up granny flats anywhere within Western Australia. From Albany and Esperance in the south, through to Geraldton and Newman in the north, our easy-load lifting system allows us to load buildings within minutes and deliver them safely to you within a day.

Wheelchair Friendly

Many of our models offer the flexibility of wheelchair optioning to ensure full accessibility. This allows for wider doors and hallways, a full wet-room shower area, built-in grab rails and more. Our granny flats are all custom-built to order, so you can choose your own options and additional features to suit your needs.

Fast Build Times

With build times ranging between 2-4 weeks, you could be living in your new prefab granny flat in no time at all. We advise that typical project timeframes from start to finish do vary around 6-12 weeks in total.

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Why Choose Fox Granny Flats?

Because our buildings are built prefab and offsite, they are all 100% relocatable. Should your circumstances change again in the future, our modular granny flats can be relocated as needed.

To learn about the process of how we go about delivering and relocating granny flats, click here.

Customised Granny Flats For Sale

We can custom design and build each modular granny flat right here at our premises in Perth. We do this to make sure that everybody gets just the building they’re after.

At Fox Granny Flats we also offer ‘wheelchair friendly options’ on several designs, so that everybody can enjoy their chosen product. To find out more about our prefab granny flats, get in touch with us today!


How much space do you need for a Granny Flat?

When deciding how much space you’ll need for a granny flat, this will largely depend on the size you’re looking to build and whether it’s a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom granny flat. Ideally, we would recommend at least 20sqm for the Granny Flat itself and allowing for a minimum 1m space from any boundaries.

Can Fox Granny Flats organise demolition, pool removal and landscaping?

When looking to build one of our modular granny flats in Perth, you may require additional works to clear space and prepare the site. Works like this will typically be completed by external contractors that specialise in these areas. However, Fox can help arrange and assist with this.

What is the process of engaging with Fox Granny Flats?

The journey from initial enquiry to move in day is very simple and straightforward, which means the hardest part is choosing which of our designs you like best. Once you’re happy with the design you’ve chosen, we’ll send you a quote and arrange a site visit if needed. We’ll also liaise with your local council on your behalf and manage all the paperwork. After that, part of the joy of working with Fox Granny Flats is our quick build time. With our prefab granny flats going from factory to site in just 3 weeks, you’ll be moved in before you know it.

Learn more about our process.

What are the benefits of building a Fox Granny Flat vs Traditional Brick and Tile?

The biggest benefit of a Fox Granny Flat is the ease and flexibility of installation and quick build times. Unlike traditional brick and tile, our prefab granny flats are built off site, so there are no tradies at your property until the site works are carried out. Because they are constructed in our factory before being transported to your home, they are unaffected by weather or other external factors which means you can move into your new granny flat in weeks, not months. Our modular granny flats can also be transported and installed practically anywhere, so if your circumstance changes you can relocate it with ease.

How much does a Fox Granny Flat cost?

Due to the customisable nature of our designs, our granny flats can vary in price, starting from $65k*. During the enquiry stage, we take the size, any inclusions or modifications to the design and location of transportation into consideration when producing your quote. If you would like any further information on pricing, please contact our office on (08) 6377 8335. Alternatively, please send an email to

Where can I see one of your Granny Flat designs near me?

To see one of our designs in action and get a better idea of how spacious and comfortable they can be, we have a number of granny flats on display in Perth at our showroom in Gnangara.

Phillip & Katrina

From the moment we walked into the office met Matt and Nick and told them what we wanted Matt designed and costed and we went ahead the result was perfect every question was answered no problem for them delivered in time required and we are so happy with the result fantastic. Thankyou very much!

Phillip & Katrina

Barbara Copeland

I bought a 10.4m, 2 bedroom unit from Fox to make into Granny Flat. I was really happy with the unit and the professionalism of Fox in purchase, construction and installation. At all stages the team was excellent and working with me and helping achieve the best outcome, even when I had to change something at short notice. They dealt with difficult council with tact and professionalism. Made a great little unit I could rent out or happy to live in myself for a very reasonable outlay.

Clayton Timson

We needed to move mum out of her home and closer to us. After speaking to Matt and his staff we decided to have a Fox Granny Flat decked out and delivered to the back of our house. Throughout the entire process Matt was not only approachable but always stayed in contact. The Granny Flat was a great price and Mum has settled into her new home well. She loves her unit and her continued independence and we have her close enough to breathe easy. Huge thanks to Matt at the Fox Granny Flats team and would recommend them to anyone anytime. Great product. Great price. Great service.

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