IGA Perth Royal Show

Oct 01,2016 at 06:22 am

It’s 5pm on Saturday afternoon. The Western Bulldogs have just pulled off and incredible upset win and this year’s IGA Perth Royal Show has finished for 2016. The numbers were down slightly this year due to some inclement weather but we still had well over 3500 people through our doors over the 8 days. There were a lot of the patrons who had previously had ad-hoc thoughts about Granny Flats but had never been inside one. This was a great opportunity for these people to actually see and feel one of the Fox Granny Flats and have a chat to the guys in regards to the process.  The first words that would normally come out of people’s mouths were “wow this is much bigger than I thought”. Everybody that came through the doors seemed very impressed with the size and quality of the finishes and also the fact that we can custom design the building just the way you want it.

This year, Fox Granny Flats took their 67sqm ‘Taranto’ which boast.......

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